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Residential areas and Industrial projects.

| Design and construction of hybrid solar plants, integrating solar power with other renewable energy sources for enhanced efficiency and reliability

| Comprehensive energy storage solutions tailored for commercial and industrial needs, ensuring stable and continuous power supply

| Turnkey service, managing the entire project from initial design through to installation and commissioning, for a hassle-free client experience

| State-of-the-art technology in solar panels, inverters, and energy storage systems to maximise energy production and storage capabilities

| Creating eco-friendly and cost-effective energy solutions that reduce reliance on fossil fuels and lower carbon emissions

| Compliance with all regulatory standards and environmental guidelines, securing necessary permits and approvals for project execution

| Ongoing maintenance and support services post-installation to guarantee optimal performance and longevity of the energy systems

| Commercial and industrial entities to achieve energy independence, enhance sustainability, and realise significant savings on energy costs

Energy Supply
Systems Renovation

Wide range in construction type and use

| Energy Supply Systems Renovation integrates advanced renewable energy solutions such as solar and wind power with high efficiency.

| Cutting-edge technologies including Virtual Power Plants (VPP) and innovative Smart Grid systems for optimised energy distribution.

| Eco-friendly initiatives, leveraging solar and wind power to minimise dependence on fossil fuels.

| Energy consumption synergy by transferring cargo fleet to EV SWAP Technologies.

| Addresses key challenges such as grid instability, power outages, and increased operating costs through reliable, renewable solutions.

| Offers technical solutions like high-efficiency solar panels, inverters, and storage systems, supported by world Tier-1 partners.

| Ensures long-term sustainability with solutions designed for a lifespan of 30+ years and minimal effectiveness degradation.

| Promotes the transition to green energy, supporting a circular economy and reducing environmental impact.

We apply the synergy of AEMA and partners to create the Modern art of future design