The company was founded in 2011 as a family business focused on sustainable development projects

13 years of experience

Green Energy Consulting


Engineering & Construction


Renewable Energy


Aema steel


EPC Contractor in renewable energy projects

We create the art in the field of renewable energy combining our expertise with experience of our partners

AEMA enlivens complex construction projects by creating consortiums, partnerships and cooperative unions providing our clients with best services in the field of industrial and civil construction

ESS Design & Build

Design & Build Hybrid Power Plants

BIPV Facades & Roofs

“Think Green”
Aema’s mindset

We develop eco projects

That have a profound positive impact on human well-being. Every day, we utilize numerous services, often without considering their ecological and environmental consequences.

In 2023, our Board of Directors resolved to prioritize green projects, ensuring a sustainable and healthy future for upcoming generations.

Please give utmost attention to the following projects

| EcoTaxi Initiative: Aiming to reshape taxi industry with EVs on SWAP tech solutions.

| Eco-Facades: solar facades BIPV innovations.

| Eco Houses: entirely eco lifestyle.

| VPP: Virtual Power Plants based on renewable energy.

| Green development promotion.

| Carbon Credits Audition: implementing innovative purification methods.


founded as a family business

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We apply the synergy of AEMA and partners to create the Modern art of future design